What is a VIP escort?

A VIP London escort is a lady that uses her sensuality and seduction prowess to make earnings. VIP escorts are highly classed young ladies that understand every need of a man and make him enter a world of whims and fancies away from the dregs of the daily routine life. They are meant for the men who desire the finer things in life.

These are for those to who class and richness has come as an inheritance. They are the most amazing women who have a very intoxicating personality, a smile that can set a guy on fire, a look that has millions of stories in her eyes, a presence that is so captivating that it overpowers the man and mesmerizes him enough to come along with her and make all his fantasies come alive. A VIP escort is that woman that has the powers to sweep a man off his feet and enter a world that is full of guilty pleasures, pleasures of the mind, body and soul.

These elite London escorts like the ones listed on this page http://www.parklanegirls.com/ are very well trained and are extremely good at their work; they become whatever the men want them to be, to cater to all his needs. She is a companion, she is a lover, she is a seductress she is a diva with an intoxicating essence that glorifies the moments between her and the client and makes him her slave. She can be taken to business tours, to high class dinners and parties, for a holiday that is just meant to relax and unwind. She is sure to play her part well in all of them and make the trips special and unforgettable for the man. The VIP escort understands the needs of a high panache businessman and knows that he is so busy that cannot look for a committed and long term relationship. She is therefore the apt choice for those who are looking for an exotic or popular type of an escort to let go and spend quality time with. She can be the mistress and she can be the toy. She can make all fancies of a man come to life.

The girl from Models Escort agency has the perfect skills that shall leave the man spellbound and completely charmed by her and the most amazing body that shall command slavery from the customers. She has the perfect cuts and curves and the most beautiful face that can hold the man in gaze and awe of her. She is the perfect way to spend a relaxed weekend. She has the looks that captivate attention of the man from the moment he first lays eyes on her. A VIP escort sure doesn’t come to all men. She has a very busy schedule and one has to check with her calendar to find out when she shall be free; before they can book for time with her. One has to be rich and powerful to be able to pay her a fortune of money that is her fee for making one's day.

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